Forestry Health Newsletter

#4, January 2018

Items in this edition of the project newsletter include:

  • Biological control in tropical hardwood plantations workshop
    • Control of diseases and pests in forestry based on Australian hardwoods
    • Management of Ganoderma and Ceratocystis in acacia and eucalypts
  • Upcoming Workshop July 2018 “Remote sensing for forestry health”
    • Remote sensing of eucalypt and acacia plantations in Indonesia and Vietnam
    • Remote sensing as a tool to assess plantation diseases and pests
  • Remote sensing of Eucalypt and Acacia plantations in Indonesia: a case study
    • Images acquired using UAV photography (Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 3)
    • To inform management of pests and diseases
    • Case study focused on Ganoderma in Acacias

Forestry Health Newsletter #4 Jan 2018