Objective 3

To build capacity in forest health management in SE Asia

The workshops will be used as a vehicle to evaluate and promote how regional collaboration and joint RDE between the public and private sector can support effective forest protection.

Workshops will be a platform for presenting the big picture in forest health and disease management e.g. comparison of principles in similar biocontrol systems in other parts of the world, management of root infecting basidiomycetes in forestry in general, constraints and opportunities of breeding for resistance in fast growing plantation species, diversity, biology and impact of Ceratocystis in other systems, application of evolutionary principles in disease management.

3.1 Ceratocystis workshop (early 2016) – focusing on C. acaciivora and lessons to be learnt from other Ceratocystis diseases.

3.2 Biological control workshop (2017) – to explore the myths and realities of biological control in forestry and how to critically evaluate success or failure.

3.3 Disease risk and impact analysis workshop (2018) – Understanding the impact and the definition of high risk areas by using cost effective remotely sensed data will assist the effective deployment of management strategies e.g. planting tolerant acacia, targeting biocontrol.